JEFF LARAMORE | JEFFLARAMORE.COM Art Direction / Logo Design / UX Design / Digital
Jeff Laramore is a prominent artist who has public works in major cities all 
around the country - from Indianapolis, to Virginia, to Texas and beyond. Over 
the course of his career, he has received national recognition for works in many mediums. In the past decade, he has focused on three-dimensional, site-specific executions that strive to bring people together, while capturing and embodying 
a spirit of place. His previous website did not do a good job of showcasing his work. My goal was not just to show images of his work, but rather make the viewer feel as if they were standing next to the pieces, on site. In an effort to bring his work into a digital space, and close the gap between 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions, I used simple techniques such as larger images, but also more modern techniques such as parallax scrolling - resulting in an all around better viewing experience.